How to deal with oily skin?

How to deal with oily skin?

How to deal with oily skin?
13 February, 2023

According to statistics, around 12-15% of people have an oily skin type. The dream of owners of this type of skin is to eliminate excessive shine and any problems associated with increased sebum production. Oily skin is not a punishment. By properly caring for it, you can significantly improve its condition.

Characteristics of Oily Skin

This type of skin is considered the most problematic. The oily skin produces more sebum than is necessary. It is formed by the sebaceous glands and appears with too much shine. Excessive oiliness in different areas of the face is unevenly expressed. This is due to the peculiarities of the distribution of sebaceous glands in their thickness. Also, oily skin has these characteristics:

  • Dilated pores
  • The appearance of pimples, the cause of which is the clogging of pores with fat
  • Vascular network
  • The appearance of comedones (blackheads)
  • The dull colour of the face

The production of excessive amounts of secretions and the narrow flow of sebaceous glands leads to the clogging of ducts and the formation of purulent boils. Over time, pimples and acne appear. Oily skin requires attention and care.

Why does the facial skin become oily: here are the Main Reasons

If the facial skin is very oily, there are many explanations. Excessive oiliness can be caused by genetics, disruptions in the endocrine system, problems with the digestive system's organs, diet, and inadequately chosen skincare.

Genetic predisposition

The type of skin is determined mainly by our genetics. Most people with oily skin have increased sensitivity of sebaceous gland receptors to androgens. This can manifest increased oiliness and a tendency to breakouts.

Hormonal imbalances

People with oily skin may have hormonal imbalances. This may be caused by frequent stresses, typical for most pregnant women, women in menopause and teenagers. A component endocrinologist can help find the cause of the disturbances.

Unreasonable nutrition

Nutrition also plays an important role. Spices, chocolate, fatty meat, and smoked meat can worsen the situation. Products with a high glycaemic index contain simple carbohydrates with a high absorption rate, giving them more calories but less energy.

Inappropriate skincare

Often, dehydrated skin is mistaken for oily skin, and the wrong skincare products are chosen. As a result, the condition of the skin becomes even worse.

What to do if the facial skin is oily?

Owners of oily skin should not be discouraged. Minimising stress, good skincare products, a healthy diet and a comprehensive approach will help solve the problem of oily shine and excessive sebum production. Let's figure out in detail what helps to cope with oily skin.

Don’t forget about hydration

Oily skin is less prone to moisture loss. Sebum forms a protective layer, so the environment has a significantly less harmful effect. But this does not mean you don't need to moisturise the skin. A moisturising cream or serum must be in every cosmetics bag. Serum has a lighter and gel-like texture. The cream softens the skin, provides comfort and prevents dehydration while preserving the hydrolipidic mantle.

Review your diet

The diet should be analysed and properly organised. It is vital to replace processed foods, fatty foods, sweets and seasonings with vegetables, fruits, fish, and dairy products. Pastry, sweets, chocolate, and coffee also make the appearance of oily shine on the face. Spice, salty and fried foods irritate the sebaceous glands.

Use suitable cosmetics

For regular skin care, you should use cosmetics for your skin type. It is better if products are from the same cosmetic series. It's worth buying an excellent moisturising cream. Masks will help restore skin tone and balance and support the hydrolipid mantle.

Use mattifying products. We recommend stopping the usage of powders and thick makeup foundations. Your skin needs to breathe; therefore, your skin requires lightweight products, which will minimise all the imperfections.

Oily Skin Care Tips

Owners of oily skin use different means. Care should be regular and comprehensive. It differs at varying times of the day. The main thing that oily skin needs is hydration. Skincare products should provide cleansing and exfoliation and control oil secretion.

How to take care for oily skin during the day?

It is essential to provide round-the-clock care, so it is advisable to choose each product individually and apply it at a specific time. The best care for the skin is to follow morning and evening beauty routines.


Clean and well-groomed skin is the main secret to beauty. In the morning, your skin needs gentle cleansing and toning.


Every morning, it is necessary to cleanse the skin. Gels, foams, and mousses are used for this. It is recommended to wash with warm water, as hot water stimulates sebum production. Those with problems with shine should wash at most three times a day.


Toning is the intermediate step between cleansing and moisturising. Toner will help refresh the skin, prepare it for further care and remove any remaining impurities. It is important to study the products' composition so that they do not cause irritation and dry out the dermis.

Applying cream

Look for mattifying, moisturising, and exfoliating ingredients in the composition of creams. Applying the products correctly is essential for oily skin, avoiding overloading the skin and leaving the face without a greasy layer.

During the day

During the day, it is necessary to refresh the skin with thermal water. The real saviour from greasy shine is matting wipes, which need to be soaked in the required parts of the skin. Thanks to their absorbent properties and low density, they quickly remove shine, so you don't even need to powder yourself.

In the evening

The evening skincare ritual involves removing makeup and cleansing. You will need a makeup remover, gel, foam, or mousse. Then toner is applied again, and finally, a night cream. Start the evening skincare procedures 2 hours before bed.

Makeup removal

The makeup remover should be suitable for oily skin—foam, gels, and mousses and considered favourites. Soft means are needed to remove makeup from the eyes. They effectively remove mascara and eyeliner and gently affect the skin. You can also use balms that dissolve impurities and cosmetics.


In preparation for cream application, it is necessary to use toner. It removes the remains of foams and gels and traces of cosmetics that were not removed with makeup remover. In addition, these means will help restore the skin's natural pH. Plus, it regulates sebum activity and prevents the appearance of irritations.

Cream Application

The cream is applied before sleep after cleansing and toning, no earlier than 2 hours before bedtime. It should be mattifying. Choose products with the label "noncomedogenic" on the packaging. Also, the cream formula normalises sebum production.

Intensive cleansing

Be aware of additional care and intensive cleansing. Clay masks are perfect for oily skin. Such products are used 1-2 times a week. They cleanse the pores and absorb excess skin oil.

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