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Men's Hair Care Active Shampoo and Conditioner "SHINSHI" 500ml Men's Hair Care Active Shampoo and Conditioner "SHINSHI" 500ml

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Perfect Skin Care Moist Hair Conditioner "OTOME" 400g Perfect Skin Care Moist Hair Conditioner "OTOME" 400g

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Japanese hair conditioner- a must-have for regular care

Hair conditioner from Japan can make your hair more voluminous, smooth and shiny. Each product is tested and developed individually.

We recommend buying only original products in specialised stores. We have collected the best manufacturers on one internet platform so that you can order top-quality products at a reasonable price.

Why is hair conditioning so necessary?

Stylists recommend using a conditioner after every wash. Shampoo can lift the hair cuticles, making the locks tangled and frizzy, making the hair difficult to style and comb through. Over time, split ends may appear.

Hair conditioners perform several essential functions

  • Give volume to thin hair
  • Minimise the cross-section of the tips
  • Help maintain colour
  • Make strands silky
  • Protect from the external environment
  • Provide shine

A high-quality conditioner gives shine, and deep hydration and fights issues with tangled hair, all without the structure of the strands becoming heavy. Many properties of the products will depend on their purpose and composition. It is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner of the same series; this will provide the maximum effect.

What types of Japanese hair conditioners are there?

The following are the main types of conditioners:

  • Rinse-off conditioners work both on the surface and inside the hair strands. These products seal the cuticles, which can cause hair dye to fade and hair to lose its necessary keratin. The conditioner should be applied to clean, damp hair starting from the middle of the hair and working towards the ends. Do not leave the conditioner on for too long; just a few minutes is enough.
  • Leave-in conditioners- combine the benefits of balms and styling products. These cosmetics can come in the form of gel, cream or spray.
  • Wash-off conditioners- products used during hair washing. Unlike shampoos, these conditioners do not contain harmful SLS and do not lather but gently care for each hair strand. These conditioners can be used with or without shampoo.

Different hair conditioners are available for thin, damaged, and coloured hair. Japanese hair care products are offered in various forms and are popular in salons. These products can restore hair structure and protect each strand from environmental aggressions.

Japanese hair care products contain natural ingredients such as Japanese plum juice extract, sunflower seed oil, and sea salt. The Japanese Ministry of Health has also patented deep-sea water from Japan's marine layer as an ingredient. This water contains various minerals that make hair soft and moisturised.

How to choose the right hair conditioner?

Choosing the right conditioner from a vast selection of products that will perfectly suit you can be overwhelming. Japanese hair conditioners differ in their composition and purpose. The most important parameter when purchasing is the state of your hair.

If you have recently dyed your hair or had a perm, you need a conditioner with Vitamin B5 and proteins. These components will help maintain the shine and brightness for a long time. Your locks will be elastic and flexible. There are also products for other hair types:

  • For fragile and dry hair, manufacturers offer conditioners for split ends. The cosmetic will help smooth the hair cuticles and strengthen your hair.
  • Use a volumizing conditioner if you have flat, smooth hair.
  • For curly hair, you should choose moisturising and light products. The more curls you have in your strands, the drier the ends will be, so they must be moisturised.

Silicone can make the hair tangle and shiny, so if you have naturally oily hair, choose conditioners without this ingredient. You don't need to moisturise your hair after washing, so choose volumising, strengthening, or light conditioners. If the ends are too dry, you need to apply balms too.

Buying professional hair conditioner based on prices and reviews

Otome online store has a selection of hair conditioners for men and women. The convenient site interface and catalogue will help you choose the right products, and experienced managers will consult on all questions.

Cosmetics from Japan have established themselves well thanks to the carefully selected composition and effective results. Numerous customer reviews confirm this. To buy a conditioner, simply add it to the cart and place an order. The cost is affordable due to cooperation with direct suppliers of Japanese products.