The OTOME brand has been created by WAMILES Cosmetics (Japan), which was founded in 1980 in the city of Yokohama. The name of the brand is a hymn to the wonderful beauty that shines from within. Translated from the Japanese, OTOME is "a gentle maiden, a pure, beautiful girl with a fragile sensual soul."

In their concern for health and beauty the manufacturers of premium-class cosmetics OTOME did not forget about men. A special men's line SHINSHI (translated as - "elegant gentleman") has been announced. Included products are multifunctional, easy to use, optimal and attractive.

Production of OTOME cosmetic products are based on the most modern technologies - nano and micro size ingredients grinding, high pressure emulsification, nano-membranes filtration, multi-stage nano-emulsion technology, ionization, and many others. It should be noticed that animal tests are prohibited in the company. All research is conducted on artificially grown skin.

Your trust is the most valuable gift, and we do our best to keep it, therefore we offer only the highest quality product.


With best regards, Anna Glazunova